Raise money with Wax Poetic candles.

Looking for a unique item to sell to raise money? Selling a Wax Poetic candle is that unique item. At Wax Poetic Candle Bar we are all about supporting our community to reach their goals. Our candles offer a unique item to offer friends and family that have been getting asked for years if they would like to buy cookies, chocolate or popcorn. By selling a Wax Poetic candle for your next fundraiser, you are truly lighting up the town. How beautiful is that?

3 Ways to fundraise with Wax Poetic.

Candle Pledge:

  • This type of fundraising is similar to how your favorite neighborhood kid sells thin mints.

  • There are no upfront materials costs to you.

  • No order minimums.

  • You are able to pick which candle containers and scents you would like to sell.

Branded Candles:

  • This fundraising method is much like our Private Label process.

  • Customize your own personalized fragrances for your hand-poured candles to sell.

  • Add your very own branding on the candles.

  • Minimum order required up front.

Charitable Affair:

  • Percentage of sales go towards fundraiser.

  • A specific day and time frame dedicated at Wax Poetic Candle Bar to profit from.

  • Customers mention organization hosting fundraiser when checking out.